Discipleship Groups

We have all kinds of options for discipleship groups that are offered at different parts of the week.  See the list below for more information on a group you can get involved in! 

  • Families of Faith- 

    Sunday Mornings @ 9:30am

    "This class is a small group that has become family whom I can share openly with."

    "We are family and close knit.  We share concerns and needs and help when someone is in need."

    "It gives me a new perspective on life."   

    "A family away from home!'

  • Enquires- Sunday Mornings

    @ 9:30am

    "Great class.  Mike Erickson spends a lot of time in preparation and brings new ideas/insights. Would highly recommend for those academically inclined."

    "We study Bible chapters as well as current spiritual books.  We have become close as a group and pray for each other"

    "If you have a inquiring mind, you'll want to be a part of our class!"

  • Still Married- 

    Sunday Mornings @ 9:30am

    "We love the friendships we have formed with the people in our class."

    "This class is not formal, open, personal, helpful and emotionally filling."

    "A place to learn 'why' without being judged!"

  • Joy Class- 

    Sunday Mornings @ 9:30am

    "A bit of Sunday morning sunshine

    hearing God's Word."

    "A place to study the Word of God, 

    meet with friends and pray."

    "Caring group centered around bible, study, prayer and fellowship!"

    "A solid group to go to for Godly counsel"

  • Groupo Hispano- domingos por la mañana a las 9:30am y miércoles por la noche a las 7pm

    El énfasis de esta clase es el conocimiento de la Biblia, meditación en la Palabra y crecimiento espiritual.